Buying a House - Florida Homeowners Insurance Risks to Beware

Apr 21, 2015 4:39:28 PM |

Posted by The Southern Oak Team

| Category: Backyard Safety, Insurance 101, Home Maintenance Tips, Buying a House

This video highlights just a few of the many Florida homeowners insurance risks that shoppers should keep an eye out for when buying a house.  Spotting and addressing these risks will not only protect your investment, but your family as well.

The question of "how much is homeowners insurance?" directly relates to insurance risks that may already be present in a home before you purchase it.  Getting a quality home inspection and a Florida homeowners insurance quote from multiple carriers before you buy is always recommended.

Finding the best homeowners insurance for your new home starts long before your sit down to the closing table.  Companies like Southern Oak Insurance and our partners like USAA Homeowners Insurance have representatives standing by to assist you with an accurate pre-purchase quote.  

Buying a house Florida homeowners insurance risks to beware

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