Safety for House Guests Around the Holidays

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Houseguest Hazards for Florida Homeowners

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, full of joy and cheer. It is a time you might see family and friends from around the country; however, it is also one of the most accident prone times of the year as well. With guests visiting your home, make sure to follow these tips to keep all of your house guests safe, no matter their age, during holiday visits. 

Safety for the Elderly

As important Southern Oak Florida homeowners insurance policyholders, we want to give you all the heads up you need to protect your guests. The last thing you want is an injury to dampen all that cheer. When elderly guests visit, make sure to tack down rugs to prevent slipping, remove electrical cords from commonly accessed walkways, and make sure your stair railings are secure. In the bathroom, add a skid-proof mat to avoid slipping and remove clutter from the floor around the house.  Make sure your visitors consider these safety tips when they leave home to come and visit you. 

Toddler Visitors

As the best homeowners insurance, we cover you when you need us most, but we want to make sure your family is protected as well. Toddlers love to explore, so follow through with a few tips to keep your home more child-friendly than usual. Opt for mylar balloons to cut down on swallowing hazards. Secure bookshelves and other tall furniture to prevent tipping, and hide dangling blind cords to avoid possible strangling hazards. Pick up childproof gates to keep children out of undesired areas and remember, always check for kids when using the oven. Read more about Holiday Food Safety here. 

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