Homeowners Insurance Florida - 4 Basic Types of Insurance Policies

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Understanding homeowners insurance means that you should focus on the type of Florida homeowners insurance that you need. There are four basic kinds of home policies, and the right choice depends upon the kind of dwelling that you live in.

Four Kinds of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance: If you own and occupy your single family home, you buy homeowner's insurance to protect your building, other structures, and personal possessions with property insurance, and you also protect your pocketbook from liability claims.

homeowners insurance florida - 4 types of insurance coverageRenters insurance: Even if you don't own your home, you still probably own thousands of dollars worth of electronics, appliances, jewelry, clothes and other items inside of your rented apartment or house. Renters insurance provides a certain amount of personal property and liability insurance. Typical renters policies provide a great deal of protection at one affordable price. Read more about renters insurance here.

Condo owners insurance: Your condo owners association probably has a group policy that covers the actual building and any common areas that all residents share. Condo owners insurance protects a specific limit of your personal property and liability exposures.

Landlord / Rental dwelling insurance: If you rent a home out to other people, you still need landlord insurance to provide coverage for the building and structures, and you also need liability insurance. Some landlord policies may even help protect your income in case of a covered peril.

These days, many landlords ask their tenants to purchase renters insurance to make sure they are protected because your landlord policy doesn't typically cover tenants' possessions or personal liability.

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