Holiday Travel: Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away

Dec 21, 2015 1:16:14 PM |

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The holidays are a common time of year to travel, and although its fun to see family and friends in faraway places, it does leave your home exposed to burglary, vandalism and other dangers in ways it isn't the rest of the year. Here are 12 ways to keep your home safe while you're gone this holiday season.
Holiday Safety
1. Buy energy-efficient bulbs for your porch light so it will last

2. Don't change anything obvious, like blindsholiday travel home safety

3. Don't leave spare keys around

4. Put your indoor lights on a timer

5. Stow valuables out of sight

6. Don't broadcast your travel plans

7. Leave cars where they're normally parked

8. Tell neighbors you're leaving so they can look out for your property

9. Have someone pick up your mail

10. Make a plan for pets so they don't get destructive

11. Stop newspaper delivery

12. Have good homeowners insurance. Find out if yours is one of the best around. 

A prime home safety tip is having excellent Florida homeowners insurance. That way, if anything does
happen, you have a plan to fall back on. When it comes to home insurance Florida has many choices, so talk to your insurance agent to ensure you're getting the best one.

To be extra safe, print a copy of our tipsheet about home safety while you're away for the holidays here. 
Looking to keep your family safe all year? Download a Family Emergency Plan so you can be sure you've got your bases covered if the worst really does happen.
Download a Free Family Emergency Plan
Have other questions about home safety? Talk to a Southern Oaks Insurance agent today!

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