Being a Responsible Party Host

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The perfect time to throw a party for friends and family is during the holidays. Whether it's the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party or you want to bring in the New Years with a bang, make sure to follow these tips to remain a responsible party host. Being a Responsible Party Host

  1. Hire a Bartender

It looks classy and it helps make sure overly intoxicated individuals do not continue their consumption. 

  1. Serve Non-alcoholic Drinks as Well

Not only are sodas, juices and waters good for mixers, they're also good non-alcoholic drinks. Consider serving non-alcoholic beer for grape juice for those that like the taste of beer or wine, yet don't want to consume the alcohol. 

  1. Food is a Must

Planning on serving alcohol? Serve filling food to help limit alcohol consumption.

  1. Transportation and Accommodations

Planning on serving alcohol? Arrange for transportation and overnight accommodations ahead of time. Did you know you can be held responsible if someone is in an accident driving from a party you throw? 40% of traffic-related deaths between Christmas and New Years is alcohol related. Avoid this statistic. 

  1. Check Your Florida Homeowners Insurance for Liability

Some home insurance policies offer liability coverage if someone is involved in an accident should they manage to drive home intoxicated. Knowing this is a must. If you don't know, click here to get a quote

  1. Limit the Guest List

Don't just invite everyone you're friends with on Facebook. It's easier to stay on top of home safety when you limit numbers. 

  1. Activities are Good

By scheduling activities, it reduces alcohol consumption. Just make sure it isn't a drinking game. 

  1. Limit Your Own Alcohol Consumption

As the host, you're responsible. So limit your consumption and pay attention to those attending your party. 

  1. No Walking Home

Some guests might prefer to walk it off. Not a good idea. According to Injury Prevention Journal, more pedestrian deaths occur on New Year's than any other day of the year. 

  1. Ample Seating

Know how many people you are inviting and make sure you have enough seating for everyone. 

Bonus: Notify Your Neighbors

Excess noise might be coming from your home and street parking fills up. Let your neighbors know ahead of time. It's only courteous. Click here to read about house hazard tips you may want to consider when having house guests. 

To keep you homeowners insurance down, keep the family safe all year long and download a free Family Emergency Plan. 

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