The Heart Glu Foundation's "Underneath The Stars" Dinner

Oct 7, 2015 3:07:27 PM |

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Many schools across the U.S. are underpriveleged;  in many low-income communities across America, the schools do not have the proper resources to teach their students, and many fall behind.  Because of this, less than 50% of low-income kids graduate high school and less than 30% go to college. The Heart Glu Foundation is attempting to change these numbers by providing schools with the resources they need.

Join us for a night of live entertainment and a three-course meal on October 10, 2015 at the Heart Glu Foundation's inaugural "Underneath The Stars" dinner! The dinner starts at 6 pm and will be held at the Historic Mandarin Community Club. You can register to be an exclusive guest here.

The Heart Glu Foundation is an organization dedicated to provide services and resources to improve schools and the academic performance within them.  They raise money to buy classroom supplies for teachers in need, and provide services like classroom management consultations and help for first year teachers. They also run the Heart Glu Foundation Scholarship Fund, designed to help low-income teens pay for higher education. 

To learn more about the Heart Glu Foundation, visit

Our Involvement with the Heart Glu Foundation

Southern Oak is a proud sponsor of the Heart Glu Foundation.  We've seen first hand how the Heart Glu Foundation is making an impact on the First Coast. We hope you will want to support their cause alongside us.

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