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Staying Connected to Customers - Tips for Independent Agents

Apr 24, 2017 1:41:00 PM |

Posted by The Southern Oak Team

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When it comes to your customers, nothing makes a better impression then a personal relationship. According to a Nielsen study, 70% of consumers trust online reviews more than any other form of marketing. Businesses that stay connected with their customers typically garner more positive reviews than those that are out of the loop, and technology has put multiple tools right at the fingertips of today's independent insurance agents. Consider these 10 ways to stay connected with established and potential clients on the Internet.

social-media-marketing-for-insurance-agents.jpgSocial Media Sites

Even Internet users who are not all that technically savvy are likely to spend time on large social networks with their friends and family members. According to a Pew Research Center study, almost three-quarters of people who use the Internet also use social media. Learn how to turn Facebook fans into lifelong customers.

Local Directories

Positive reviews on local directories like Google Places, Yelp, or Merchant Circle can dramatically increase an agency's volume of Internet insurance leads.

Add Reviews to an Agency Site

When a potential customer does visit an insurance website, posting additional client reviews can boost confidence. Sharing your customers' reviews on your site will show potential customers that you are good at what you do, and that they can trust you.


Besides regular social networking websites, LinkedIn has become a great source for connections and reviews. After all, clients are also likely to be company employees or business owners. Create a dynamic LinkedIn profile that will drive insurance leads.


Blogs are great additions to insurance agency sites because they offer dynamic content and a more approachable appearance. Some blogs allow comments and even invite guest posts.  Check out the Southern Oak Policyholder blog for examples of engaging and informative topics.

Online Newsletters

Similar to blogging, online newsletters allow agents to keep current clients updated and hook new clients. A subscription list for an insurance newsletter can be a very valuable marketing asset.

Hold an Online Referral Contest

Online contests generate interest. Plus, they give insurance agents something to blog about and post on social media. As an attractive contest gets passed around on social media, it should help generate social followers and capture more insurance leads.

Participate in Relevant Forums

Agents can position themselves as a friendly and helpful member of forums that are likely to contain prospective customers. For example, agents might search for message boards that are related to their own geographic area or field of expertise.

Ask Satisfied Clients for Online Reviews

The problem with online reviews is that some consumers are more likely to post them when they are unhappy than when they are perfectly satisfied. An agent can politely ask for an online review after successfully handling a homeowners insurance claim or finding a client a cheaper premium.

Watch Internet Etiquette

Agencies have to be wary of how they present themselves on the Internet and try to turn even negative situations into positive ones.

Running a Florida homeowners insurance agency is a big challenge on many levels. However, connecting online can provide a great source of Florida homeowners insurance leads, branding, and reputation enhancement.

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Social Media Guide for Florida Homeowners Insurance Agents

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