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How to Generate Reviews For Your Insurance Agency

Aug 9, 2016 11:21:25 AM |

Posted by The Southern Oak Team

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As more people turn to online reviews to gather information on the companies they are considering doing business with, it is important to keep a steady stream of positive reviews available and accessible. How can insurance companies generate these reviews? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Send E-Blasts

Sending e-blasts to former customers and offering incentives is a great way to get them to participate. Customers love to earn discounts or get promotional material that will make them feel appreciated. Discounts on home insurance coverage and other perks is a surefire way to get them interested.

  • Ask For Them

What better way to get great reviews than by asking? Once you have completed a transaction with a customer, send them a link to complete an online review. You can also ask them to fill out a review while they are in the office. If you have done a great job with assisting customers in getting a great rate on their home insurance, they will have no problems giving you the credit you deserve.

  •  Send Thank-You Notes

Let your customers know how much you appreciate their business. It's a nice touch. In your thank you correspondence, make sure to either include a review form with a stamped envelope for older customers who are not tech savvy, and also provide a link for those who can go online and quickly fill one out.

  • Get Their Feedback

Customers like to be asked questions. If you want to know what they look for in reviewing a company, ask them! They can give you tips and insight on what matters most. You can use this as a way to create review questions.

These are four solid ways to generate reviews for your insurance company. It is very important to always remain transparent, and make it very easy for your customers to fill out the reviews and find out additional information. If you have profiles on a number of platforms, this can make it even easier. When the process is very easy, they are inclined to comply with your request.

Once you realize how important reviews of your company are in getting new customers, it will be easier to come up with inventive ways to attain them. Current reviews are always good, and great customer service is key. Always remain positive and professional, and the reviews will come in.

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