The Dangers of Roofing Scams for Homeowners

Mar 6, 2015 3:22:14 PM |

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As a Florida homeowners insurance company, Southern Oak Insurance strives to do everything possible to help customers preserve the value of their property. For local homes, a large part of this effort is spent helping people keep their roofs in good shape. While typical homeowners insurance coverages include insurance for roofs, it is important to find a roofing contractor who offers a good value by providing quality work and a fair price.

Working with a licensed contractor to repair roof damage ensures quality work. It also helps avoid the risk of getting tangled up in insurance scams or even insurance fraud.

Three Reasons to Be Wary of Roofing Scams

  1. Inadequate roof repairs: Bogus roofing contractors might make a show of replacing shingles, but they may not care or be able to diagnose an underlying problem beneath the shingles. A homeowner might not even realize that he or she has been swindled until months later when hail, high winds, or a hard rain move through town.
  2. Unnecessary Repairs:  Homeowners may never even realize that they have been swindled by a contractor who performs more repairshomeowners insurance Florida roofing scams  than the house actually needs. However this roof repair scam can generate larger Florida homeowners insurance claims and higher out-of-pocket costs. In the long run, overcharging may drive up premiums.
  3.  Roof Repair Overcharges: This is actually one of the easiest scams to spot. Almost all legitimate roofing companies offer free quotes. Prudent homeowners should gather three to four quotes in order to figure out what a reasonable market rate is for the work that needs to get done.

How to Find Legitimate Local Roofing Companies

Homeowners who need roof repair done might call upon Southern Oak Insurance or local insurance agents for suggestions about roofing contractors that insurers feel comfortable working with. Click to read the 7 most important questions to ask your insurer. Florida home insurance companies allow property owners to choose their own contractors, but it is always a good idea to check contractors out with a local consumer protection agency before hiring them. This may be particularly true when salespeople show up at the door and do not seem to be associated with a local brick and mortar business.

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