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Give Your Policyholders What They Want To See

Jul 13, 2016 4:35:26 PM |

Posted by The Southern Oak Team

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As an insurance agent, staying connected to your clients is key. It is important to give your policyholders what they need. This helps build trust and loyalty. Sending them information through email is smart and beneficial to you and your clients. Homeowners want to know how they can save money and protect their investment. Having email in your marketing strategy is one of the most important things you can do.
What do policyholders want to see?
In emails, policyholders want a number of things. Your content should be:
The content should be informative. Subjects should be broad and interesting. Topics on new coverage options, or how to get your home ready for the new season will work well. There is always some new trend in the insurance industry. Give your audience options, such as storm shutter advice, or how to protect your pool.
An email should be personal enough that your client knows it was tailored just for them. Make sure to be specific to their home and investment choices. Clients want to feel that you are ready and able to tend to their needs, and care about their business.
Policyholders like to receive information they can act on. Is a law changing? Is new coverage required in their neighborhood? Is their policy nearing renewal? Giving them something to act on keeps them engaged. Learning how to clean gutters, or preparing for a storm is very helpful. This also helps their homeowners insurance.
This ties into personalization. Keep the content relevant tothe specific client and their area. Everything you send should be current and directly tie into the other content tips. Relevance throughout the year tied to their home insurance will help your clients view you as a leader.
If your content includes all these aspects, your clients will always want to get further information. That means you must always provide a way for them to contact you. Phone, email, address, social platforms and other means are always helpful.
All of these things are key when you want to keep your clients engaged. This will foster the relationship, and you will be invaluable to them. Helping to protect their home insurance coverage is important. Providing a great customer experience gives great results all throughout the year.
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